GG3 Closed Loop Spindle Control

Beta testing is now open for LEGIO members who would like to work with Ghost Gunner 3’s closed-loop spindle control, a feature supported by all GG3 machines shipped since 2019.

A summary of the changes GG closed-loop spindle control introduces:

  • GG3’s power output broadens considerably and is now offered at the full RPM range – 1500 to 8000.
  • Spindle RPM is now precisely maintained at any speed. The new release provides for this maintenance in firmware, and future DDCut releases will provide an additional layer of maintenance in software via feedrate control.
  • Support for cutting harder materials, including steel, is dramatically expanded. This unlocks considerable new possibilities for GG3 to manufacture new components and accessories.

To see this new firmware in action, view the videos below of the GG3 cutting a 17-4 steel Turner’s cube.

We extend this beta testing invitation to LEGIO members who own a Ghost Gunner 3. All may apply, but preference will be given to individuals who:

  • Have a background in milling and CNC operation
  • Own Zero Percent 1.5” clamps, or who can fabricate their own fixturing
  • Have access to adequate materials / tooling for testing

To participate in this beta, please email us at [email protected].

Everytown v. DEFCAD Summer Special

Eugune Volokh makes a decent point about our *third* appeal (in 8 months) to the Second Circuit. New York would have us give up creator anonymity to litigate jurisdiction, OR give up jurisdiction to litigate anonymously. This is a false choice delivered in bad faith, and we are not interested in taking it.

I’d like to personally commend the co-defendants in this case, especially The Gatalog, whose organizational example has not in any way been imbecilic or at cross-purposes.

Biden “Ghost Gun” Rule, Part I

Little of substance has been reported concerning the actual, legal effects and function of the new ATF receiver rule. The text itself is some 364 pages.

Defense Distributed will sue ATF to stop this rewrite of the GCA, and I have more detailed notes to share, but my summary impressions of the rule follow below:

  • Most “80 percent receivers” remain legal.

Ghost Gunner and our related companies will not have to alter our business or model. ATF goes out of their way to exempt 80% rifle receivers and, by analogy, 1911 frames and others from re-classification as firearms. The 80% market, and homemade “ghost guns” will largely survive. The only sure casualties at this time are plastic receiver kits like the Polymer80, SS80, etc. and so-called “complete parts kits.” ATF would like to suggest that 80% receivers sold with “more” components will face tougher scrutiny and may be firearms. We will see about that.

  • “Readily convertible” will be used to stunt the offer of commercial parts and receiver “kits.”

ATF wants to knock down receiver kits and other kinds of weapons build kits. The rule and its standards revoke all previous guidance and require everyone in the industry to re-submit their receiver products with whatever fixtures, instructions, and marketing material may accompany them. This is likely illegal, but will not interrupt the sale of 80% receivers, nor of fixtures and tooling in general.

  • ATF has not touched 3D printed gun design or innovation.

ATF retreated from their attempt to assign multiple receivers to future firearms designs. This was meant in part to capture and constrain digital gunsmithing innovations, but the flood of industry comments shamed the agency out of this approach. Going forward, firearms of almost every design will have one component the ATF likes the most for regulation and classification. ATF admits they do not have the authority to regulate files or design work for 3D guns.

A longer discussion of the rule in general with The Reload can be seen here. More to come.

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Everytown v. DEFCAD Merits Briefing

The below scheduling order in Everytown for Gun Safety v. DEFCAD is an unqualified victory. The district judge had ordered discovery and Twitter was set to dox the defendant creators on Dec. 24. We have for the second time arrested this miscarriage of due process and have secured three months to prepare briefs on the merits.

This is what defending your community looks like. This is why a Legion is superior to bickering cadres of incels. Everytown believed we lacked organization, and that their pet judge would let them steamroll a couple of CAD designers.

That is not going to happen.

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Zero Percent and SHOT Show


This week we debuted our first commercial Zero Percent concept at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and we’ve published a starter guide explaining the split receiver concept. Thank you to those who’ve come out to support us and see it.

Between our work and that of Ghost Gunner partners like GGD, we’ve demonstrated that our CNC platform will be able to complete zero percent receivers, entirely or in split concepts, from here on out– rendering the pending Biden 80% rule almost pointless. And look, Everytown begrudgingly agrees.

This Reason video covers the regulatory background and legal purpose of our first zero package, but what’s funny is we’ve likely now affected the timeline by our interference. I now doubt the rule will even be published.

So you see, we had to kill 80% receivers in order to save them.


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EFF Amicus Brief in Everytown v. DEFCAD

In advance of the Second Circuit’s pending decision concerning our case, we present the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s thoughtful amicus brief concerning the First Amendment rights of anonymous speakers and the expressive use of trademarks.

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Everytown v. DEFCAD goes to the Second Circuit


Last week was a busy one for Everytown and their pet judge in SDNY. These good liberals thought they had DEFCAD and Odysee over a barrel, and so tried to stick us with a number of ex parte orders with no procedural protections or means of appeal. Fortunately, DEFCAD and FPC had already briefed the arguments and were prepared for just such an attempted fucking!

See in our theory, there is no low of which the SDNY and Everytown are not capable. No corner they will not cut. You’re always safer when you assume your enemy is a malicious liar, their pet judges are complicit morons, and that you’ll have to prepare emergency appeals to higher courts.

And so the Second Circuit stayed our case late last week (21-2806), and afforded our platforms the very basics of procedural protection. Twitter sent an impressive and dismissive letter to the Everytown camp too.

You may be interested to know The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will apply with the court as an amicus curiae and brief the importance of anonymous speech and the use of trademarks as expressive under the First Amendment.

Anyway, this has now become a fair fight with important First Amendment and digital rights issues presented the right way. This, I humbly submit, is why you want a platform like DEFCAD as a beachhead in the GunCAD movement.

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Everytown sues DEFCAD

After two months of being roundly trolled on Twitter by designers like xYeezySZN, Everytown for Gun Safety decided to be MAD ONLINE, and has just asked a federal court to take down DEFCAD and Odysee files lampooning their shitty trademarks. They even want pictures of these renders taken down from Twitter.

Setting aside their asinine theory of jurisdiction, Everytown’s infringement theory is outrageous. They literally argue it’s trademark infringement if a third party service or social media user shares a computer file that could allow a recipient to print a piece of plastic reproducing their shitty trademarks.

And why would Everytown want a New York federal judge to find the mere sharing of files by anons to be trademark infringement? So that they may take their ruling to Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. and kick you off of the Internet for enjoying your First and Second Amendments.

DEFCAD will of course litigate ferociously.

So whatever you do, Legion, DO NOT join DEFCAD and Odysee and blast these Everytown files all over the goddamn Internet.

You are not owned, Everytown! You are not owned!

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Ghost Guns for Halloween


Business Insider has posted another capable piece concerning the state of the ghostly, gunnery union. We commend Adam Skaggs for his eloquent salesmanship.

I promise to share some terribly spooky news with you soon.

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Vice Documentary and DMCA


If you haven’t seen it already, we recommend the new Vice documentary on the state of the 3D gun printing union:

It’s capably made and its editorial tone is unbelievably objective. A fine record of what we’ve all been up to the last few years.

I’ve read news of our brothers getting censored by the enemy’s cynical abuse of the DMCA process. We invite you to share your files at DEFCAD, a platform built to defend trademark parodies, which knows these parodies are non-confusing fair use, and will not for a moment tolerate the enemy’s abuse of IP law.

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Since Jan. 1 2021, no warrants have been served to principals or employees. No searches or seizures have been performed on assets.