DD v Grewal NJ Status

For the benefit of our members, we’d like to present the transcript of the status hearing that led to the present stay order in New Jersey against our many plaintiffs.

For its seven years of life, Defense Distributed has been denied due process of law for five in the federal courts. Always for one capricious reason or another. Observe how casually our forum is taken away, as a matter of process and substance, by the brokers of power.

A marvellous pull quote:

THE COURT: Well, you know, I have a lot of respect for the rules and following procedures, and some people call that due process, but we function very much as seems practical and fair and prompt and efficient. And so, I don’t feel in anyway constrained to require motion practice rules when a party seeks a stay.

Pg. 8 – 11

These little caprices magnify into multi-year litigation at monumental expense. Always to the benefit of the state authority.

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Since Jan. 1 2021, no warrants have been served to ddlegio.com principals or employees. No searches or seizures have been performed on ddlegio.com assets.