Thank you for making DEFCAD’s March relaunch such a success. We’ve signed up thousands of new members and transferred even more files.

It’s a good time to launch a digital product in this country.

You may have seen rumblings online from the nation’s many attorneys general that the operation of our site is somehow illegal. Rest assured that this is rank propaganda meant to produce animal obedience and dissuade the ignorant from pursuing the files.

Publishing the files this way was always an option. We fought it for five years simply on principle. Our patient resistance to this form of distribution was mistaken by Ferguson and his blue state coalition. They developed an entire set of policies upon the belief they had discovered a new form of gun control.

But every US person has the unquestioned right to receive and transmit the files at DEFCAD, including over the Internet. These same attorneys, our nation’s best I am told, have confessed as much in court.