Everytown sues DEFCAD

After two months of being roundly trolled on Twitter by designers like xYeezySZN, Everytown for Gun Safety decided to be MAD ONLINE, and has just asked a federal court to take down DEFCAD and Odysee files lampooning their shitty trademarks. They even want pictures of these renders taken down from Twitter.

Setting aside their asinine theory of jurisdiction, Everytown’s infringement theory is outrageous. They literally argue it’s trademark infringement if a third party service or social media user shares a computer file that could allow a recipient to print a piece of plastic reproducing their shitty trademarks.

And why would Everytown want a New York federal judge to find the mere sharing of files by anons to be trademark infringement? So that they may take their ruling to Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. and kick you off of the Internet for enjoying your First and Second Amendments.

DEFCAD will of course litigate ferociously.

So whatever you do, Legion, DO NOT join DEFCAD and Odysee and blast these Everytown files all over the goddamn Internet.

You are not owned, Everytown! You are not owned!

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