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State of Washington v. DD and US Dept. of State


On May 8, DD filed a response to the blue state attempt to dismiss their 2018 action against us and the State Department in Seattle.

A funny thing about this phase of the appeal: Should the states succeed in dismissing the case as moot, our original publication license from the State Department reactivates. As does the modification to the ITAR that allows anyone to share 3D gun data online, unrestricted.

Why would the blue states risk this outcome?

1. They’re hoping no one notices them backing out of the fight

2. They’re more afraid of appellate review in this case than in stopping the dissemination of 3D guns files.

Why would DD fight this motion to dismiss?

1. There is a high likelihood the states will simply sue again when it’s politically convenient. We should definitively remove the jurisdiction question and prevent the states’ game from escaping judicial review.

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