Ghost Gunner
Wiki Weapon

Ghost Gunner

Originally published October 1, 2014

Ghost Gunner Release

Originally published April 24, 2015

Ghost Gunner 2

Originally published July 21, 2016

Ghost Gunner 2 Pistols

Originally published October 1, 2017

Ghost Gunner 2018

Originally published February 6, 2018

Ghost Gunner P80

Originally published January 21, 2019

Ghost Gunner 3

Originally published October 23, 2019

Originally published March 11, 2013


Originally published March 28, 2020

“He drew back into the presidio at Goliad. His supplies, especially of powder and provisions, were pitifully low, and Fannin hesitated in an agony of indecision.”

The Wiki Weapon

Originally published July 27, 2012

Defense Distributed presents the Wiki Weapon Project.

Thingiverse Reinforced AR Lower Test

Originally published December 2, 2012

Test firing a printed (ABS-like Objet photopolymer) AR receiver in 5.7x28FN. Lower max PSI than .223, but broke the buffer tube ring within six rounds. Full Review at

DefDist Printed AR Lower – Part I

Originally published December 18, 2012

Build is FDM printed lower in ABSplus. Free-floated upper. A 6.5mm Grendel partially printed DMR.

DefDist Printed AR Lower – Part II

Originally published December 25, 2012

Defense Distributed has been printing modified lowers and test firing in .223. Our SLA and Objet lowers have consistently fired up to 80 rounds.

DefDist Printed AR Mag – Part I

Originally published January 11, 2013

DefDist Printed AR Mag – Part II

Originally published January 12, 2013

A little American ingenuity.

DefDist Printed Cuomo Mag – Part I

Originally published February 2, 2013

DefDist Printed Cuomo Mag – Part II

Originally published February 7, 2013

We’re getting better at this.

Defense Distributed – The Cuomo Mag

Originally published February 8, 2013

DefDist Printed AR Lower – Part III

Originally published February 25, 2013

SLA and FDM. 600+ rounds (.223).

DefDist Printed AK Mag – Part I

Originally published March 7, 2013

Defense Distributed – The Feinstein Mag

Originally published April 5, 2013

Commemorate her failure.

Liberator – Dawn of the Wiki Weapons

Originally published May 5, 2013

3D Printing’s First Killer App.

Infowars 1/14/2013 – Defdist 3D Printed Magazine Debuts

Originally published January 14, 2013

Vice – 3D Printed Guns (Documentary)

Originally published March 25, 2013

Kobra – Cody Wilson on Defense Distributed

Originally published April 11, 2013

A Swedish lament for Western Civilization. Aired Feb. 2013.

ReasonTV 2/18/2014 – Cody Wilson: Happiness is a 3D Printed Gun

Originally published February 18, 2014

Terrorist Hypotheses

Originally published November 10, 2014

Recorded Nov. 2014

The Truth About Guns 10/1/2017 – Ghost Gunner CNC Machines Now Completing 80% Pistol Frames

Originally published October 1, 2017

CBS Austin 11/7/2017 – Machine Developed by Texas Inventor Lets You Make a Handgun at Home

Originally published November 7, 2017

ReasonTV 2/5/2018 – The Inevitable Death of Gun Control

Originally published February 5, 2018

Cody Wilson’s Ghost Gunner milling machine and 3D printed firearms are destroying the concept of gun control.

WIRED 7/10/2018 – DIY Guns: The Legal Win That Makes it Easier Than Ever to Make Guns

Originally published July 10, 2018

Defense Distributed, the anarchist gun group known for its 3D printed and milled “ghost guns,” has settled a case with the federal government allowing it to upload technical data on nearly any commercially available firearm.

Read the full story on WIRED:

CBS This Morning 8/1/2018 – Full Interview

Originally published August 1, 2018

From CBS This Morning. Entire interview can be heard here:

CBS This Morning 8/1/2018 – 3D-Printed Gun Advocate Cody Wilson says “Debate is Over”

Originally published August 1, 2018

TFB TV 8/5/2018 – Ghost Gunner “3D Gun Printer”: Cody Wilson and James Reeves Interview

Originally published August 5, 2018

Interview at Triggercon by TheFirearmsBlog on the Ghost Gunner 2.

Infowars 8/29/2018 – Discussion with Cody Wilson

Originally published August 29, 2018

ReasonTV 2/8/2019 – Gun Control is Still Dead: Interview with Paloma Heindorff

Originally published February 8, 2019

After Cody Wilson was arrested on a sex crime charge, Heindorff took the helm at Defense Distributed. Now she’s leading a massive free speech battle over the right to download a gun.

October Surprise

Originally published September 21, 2014

A Forgery

Originally published March 2, 2015

The Dread Pirate Homily

Originally published August 3, 2015

Cody R. Wilson on the Conclusion of the first Silk Road trial. Video by Encode Productions (

October Surprise II

Originally published September 23, 2017

August 20th 2018

Originally published August 18, 2018

State of WA vs. US Dept of State and DD (PI Hearing)

Originally published August 30, 2018

A power that can only see ghosts is itself ghostly and vulnerable. It can only lose face.

January 15th, 2019 – DD v Grewal

Originally published January 9, 2019

Defense Distributed challenges New Jersey’s insane speech crimes law in a preliminary injunction hearing in Austin, Texas.