Washington Round 2


This week DD filed a supplemental brief about appellate jurisdiction in the Third Circuit so that we may finally confront Grewal over his obviously illegal New Jersey speech crime. That brief is below.

Now Delaware has a house bill with largely the same language, making file-sharing of any technical data related to guns a felony if one of their beaten men so much as stumbles upon your website.

No doubt you’ve seen the reports that Washington AG Ferguson has led another charge at the feds for their conclusion of the arms export control reform initiative. They haven’t just yet gotten judge Lasnik assigned to the new case, but they’re trying their best.

We’ll see the states again attempt to get an injunction or two. Somehow they think they have the standing to block the final rules under the APA. Their complaint relies exclusively on misstatements of the final Commerce Department rules and how they were developed. This after spending the last year hijacking the rule-making process in order to write in controls of their own design. Commerce spends 10 pages in their supplementary materials explaining how they rewrote their controls for Congressional and state Democrats. And here’s Senator Menendez praising the State Department for illegally accepting his and the Bradykampf’s edits in 2019.

State Democrats appealing to judicial Democrats to undo the work of federal administrative Democrats, designed by private sector Democrats, working on behalf of Congressional Democrats.

Watch what happens in about 30 days.

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